Why did you decide to big chop?

via the divas of AroundTheWayCurls Why did you decide to big chop? I wanted to be able to wash, comb and style my own hair. Do you feel less feminine and sexy with your hair shorter? I felt sexy then and I feel sexy now. When you are having a “bad” hair day, it may […]

Shocking History: Why Women of Color in the 1800s Were Banned From Wearing Their Hair in Public

Shocking History: Why Women of Color in the 1800s Were Banned From Wearing Their Hair in Public 193CULTURE by Cassandre – July 7, 2014 Woman in Tignon credit “Did you know that in late 18th century Louisiana, black and multiracial women were ordered to cover their hair in public?” My sister asked me. “WOW. Really?” […]

by KandyKurls Oil rinsing is a technique used to lock moisture in ones hair while in the process of washing and conditioning. It is very similar to the LOC method, except it is only done in the shower. It is usually done with one of three oils—olive, coconut or avocado—because they penetrate the hair shaft. […]

Curly Primer

Very Curly Hair Primer Translate: Skip Navigation Links Welcome Tightly Curly Method Book Recommended Products Teri’s Hair Photos Blog Ingredients Dictionary Resources Answer Bank About Us Media Page What’s New Available now! Curly Like Me, the off-the-grid, do-it yourself owner’s manual for tightly curly hair, is ready for ordering. Grab your copy today! Every purchase […]

What to Avoid While Transitioning to Natural

              by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic As with any journey, transitioning presents its own unique challenges. While everyone’s experiences are different, it can be helpful to see how others have navigated through the process; all in the name of networking. Disrespecting the game As the journey of transitioning is […]

Castor Oil for Healthy Hair

                          Now this week we’re going to get into one of my favorite carrier oils- castor oil! I’ve known about this natural emollient since I was waist high. And I particularly love this oil because it is extremely rich vitamin E and essential […]