17. 05. 2014

Senegalese twist hairstyles :)

Hello african curls readers, Just want to give you some ideas for your braids.          

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17. 05. 2014

2013 Black celebrity hairstyles

Dear reader here are some black celebrity hairstyle  

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09. 01. 2014

Beautiful dreadlocks

Dear africancurls readers, I just want to show some love to all the naturals out their with dreadlocks. Although, dreads are not my style their are many people who rock their dreads.

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09. 01. 2014

Natural Celebrity hairstyles 2013

Dear naturals, I just want to spread the natural hairstyle  in the celebrity world hope you enjoy.

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08. 01. 2014

Wedding hairstyles for naturals

                          Dear natural, I just wanted to to post these pictures because Their is nothing more beautiful than to see a...

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05. 01. 2014

2013 Natural hair styles

Happy New years to all Here are 2013 styles of the year                                          ...

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22. 12. 2013

Black hair now

There are many different tonal qualities to African-American hair, from medium browns and reddish mahogany to darkest blue-black. When slavery ended, there was an overabundance of blacks who were knowledgeable in European hair...

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21. 12. 2013

The good hair myth

Often, African Americans have felt that women with a lighter complexion and softer, more subdued curl patterns are given partiality over women who have darker complexions and kinky hair. Those who participate in existing...

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11. 12. 2013

Questions and Answers about hair

  Christina Submitted on 2013/09/12 at 12:51 pm I would like to use human hair for my twists. Synthetic breaks my hair off. Are any of the photos an example of the twists with...

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10. 12. 2013

Beauty from ashes: Madame C.J. Walker

  “Sarah Breedlove was born on December 23, 1867 in Delta, Louisiana to Owen and Minerva Breedlove. She was one of six children; she had a sister Louvenia and four brothers: Alexander, James, Solomon, and...

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