Crochet braiding as a Protective Hairstyle

Crochet braiding is not a hair style that’s as new as one might think. Women have been getting crochet braids for years with human hair or with tracks of hair that look like there are individual braids attached. Women used to get crochet braids if they didn’t want to sit too long and get individual […]

Top Ways to Growing Black Hair

Low Manipulation There’s no need to brush your hair 100 strokes per night before going to sleep. In fact, the less you do to black hair, the more it flourishes. This ties in with the next step, protective styling, since many of the hairstyles that fall into that category become low-manipulation ‘dos once they’re in […]

What you need for the Big Chop

1. Self confidence It’s hard to go against the grain and choose to wear your hair in a style that, to this day, many consider unprofessional, unkempt and not fashionable. We of course know that natural hair is fabulous but until the rest of society catches up you’re going to need a thick skin. Your […]

Secrets to growing long natural hair

by Danielle of The general consensus from women seems to be that ladies with long hair have some secrets they’re holding on to. There must be some mystical combination of tools, products or techniques they use in order to get hair that grows past your shoulder blades. As of today my hair is just […]

Pillow Soft Natural Hair

by Susan Walker of DrWalkerWellness I recently modified my hair care regimen and the results blew my mind. There was an incredible softness to my hair that I had never really experienced. My hair is not usually soft at all. So you understand my delight. And all from adding in one, relatively inexpensive products. And […]

Why did you decide to big chop?

via the divas of AroundTheWayCurls Why did you decide to big chop? I wanted to be able to wash, comb and style my own hair. Do you feel less feminine and sexy with your hair shorter? I felt sexy then and I feel sexy now. When you are having a “bad” hair day, it may […]