African twist



African twist is a very cute style for children and young adults. It is very bouncy and vibrant. This twist is the very curl you see on the ends of kinky twists.  The type of hair we use is synthetic hair. The top of the braid resembles any braiding process. Then, the stylist uses thread to wrap the around the braid at an slant. After reaching the end of the braid, the stylist firmly holds the thread and pulls the hair up. This forms a twist formation. While still holding on to the braid the stylist wraps the thread around the end of the braid and ties it up. The stylist lastly, cuts the end of the thread. The ends can be dipped in hot water to seal the ends or burned. This style can be held in for two to three months.  Of course you should wrapping at night and motorization of the scalp.


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