Senegalese twist

     Senegalese twist is a form of twist that is used with synthetic hair. This type of hair is also used for box braids and corn rows. All one needs to do to find synthetic hair is to go to their neighborhood beauty supply and ask for it. As a hair dresser I do not like doing this style because it is usually requested to be braided long. Many have rocked this style and continue to but it can be very time consuming. When it is requested I usually prefer to have someone helping me. With someone helping it can be done in eight hours.[fblike]
















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  1. Christina says:

    I would like to use human hair for my twists. Synthetic breaks my hair off. Are any of the photos an example of the twists with human hair?

  2. Rosie says:

    I have thin soft hair but mainly thin at top but very thick in back but I want to wear braids but i’m afraid that it may show the top with open spaces so is braiding recommended I really would love to have braids that would give me full cover and I don’t want to wear cornrows I wear my hair natural already so can you recommend a hair style that would be ok for me or people with the same problem that would love to wear braids I’m 53 years young. thank you

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