Best way to keep permed Hair moisturized


Many African American women have perm in their hair. Most of them did not decide to do it themselves.  It was decision some one decided for them as a younger child. Many mothers did not want to deal with their child’s natural hair. One memory that I remember as a child was cry when my mother tried to comb my hair. It is hard for a mother to watch her child cry every time her hair is done, so perming was a good solution.

  1. Use the right perm

One of the major things that will help hair growth especial if one has permed hair is the right perm. Always do your research. One thing that makes your permed hair healthier is using a perm that is not too strong. Do not be fooled by thinking the stronger the product the better. One must keep in mind that perming is to allow our hair to be softer and in some opinions more manageable.

  1. Moisturize Hair

Though perming hair allows one to change the curl pattern to a temporary straight one, it does not eliminate caring for your hair. Most perm packets come with direction and with protein packets but they will most last you very long time. Your best bet is to deep condition.[fblike]



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