Black hair myth#6: color your hair will break it off: false!!









So, you want to color your hair? Girl you are going to go bald you know. That was one of the many responses that I got when I wanted to color my hair. Now here are the facts, there are different types of ways that one can color their hair without harming your hair. There are many was to do this without harming your scalp. All you need to do is read and investigate around the type of hair color you want. Here are some terms you should know and understand

Permanent hair color- This is when the protein in the hair follicle, thus changing the hair pigment (color).

Temporary hair color- Temporary hair coloring is when the hair is coated with color on the exterior hair shaft. This can come in a form of a spray or a rinse. This does not last as long because it is only the covering of the hair that is affected.

Virgin hair– this is hair that has not been colored before.


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