Bomb twists








Bomb twist is a type of twist that looks like you are wearing a weave, wig, or natural hair. I love this look because it is a fresh style. This style changes your look completely. One can achieve this style by using synthetic hair for a softer and warmer look. This style can be braided in many ways. One can use the technique that is used for lacing hair. That is as the stylist is braiding she can take out a strands as she goes. This can be complicated and very time consuming if one has one person braiding his or her head. The technique I use to do this style is I start at the base of the hair and start braiding to secure the natural hair. When the natural hair is secured than I two strand twist the hair. When I am finished, I put all the twists in hot water than unravel each strand until I reach the top.  When I reach the top, I use a piece of the hair to tie the top. To maintain this style it is essential to no get it wet or the natural hair will be damage. To keep one’s hair from knotting one must put on a hair scarf at night. This style take about eight or more hours to do depending on the stylist. Please do not keep this style on for more than a month and a half because your hair is exposed. It is best to do this style in the summer. *tips to take out these braids are have someone to help you and be patient.*




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