African braids


African braids are many types of hairstyles that are worn by many people all over the world. Today it is the mostly worn by African and Africans Americans in the United States of America. These styles are worn to retain length, protect, style, and mange hair. Though many elaborate styles were created over time and the majority of these styles are worn by blacks today, they are not the only ones that have worn it. In history many countries adopted and braided hair of both men and women. This unisex aspect of history still goes on today. Yes! Many women wear these styles and they wear them because they look good. The creativity of many stylists and cultural influences put fire under the multimillion dollar business. Through the regions of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Abidjan, Benin, Congo, Kenya, and many other countries, styles and hair regimen are at its prime. Thousands of hairstyles are being created and worn. This site may not contain all the answers and incites that one may want, but we will try and bring the best African hair styles, Ideas, and cultural knowledge to all people who want to learn.[fblike]





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