Micro braids are the braids that have boomed over the past few years.  Many New York styles state that their customers started to ask for smaller and smaller braids. That is was and is not a problem. Micro braids are braids that are braided with real human hair. This hair is used just like box braids but, human hair is harder to braid with. Real human hair is used but it is expensive to buy your own. Many shops and braiding solons supply their customers with human hair. There is always hair that is just like human hair that one can buy and it works just as well. Micro Braids will take a customer over eight hour if it is done right. Now, that does not mean that there is not a person that can braid micro under eight hours. As a stylist I take seven to eight hour alone. [fblike]








Micro Braids Hairstyles 2012










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