Teen hairstyles












Micro- Breads are always a good protective style to do as a teen. Teens are busy with school and extracurricular activities, so it is a good way to not worry about one’s hair and to just wear it. Micro’s are good for  styling into funky and new styles besides just down. Micro braids are good for athletic teens who tend to sweat out perms.[fblike]

Box- braids are like Micro braids but bigger and a lot faster to do in a shop. They are three strand single braids that can be any size. This braid can be good for athletic or just a style craving teens.[fblike]

kinky-twist is a style that can be worn by teen. It is a two strand twist braid with extensions. I as a styles know that it is a lot faster then both micro and box braids.[fblike]


One thing that teens are doing now is natural hair. Teens are exploring their natural hair and texture. It is on thing that I encourage because we must all to learn to love our hair. Natural hair I making a come back for the better and we should all explore that option for hair style.






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