Hair lacing



Hair lacing is a way that we stylist braid the hair to make it look like a weave.  This style consists of 18 inch or longer human hair. Just like individual braids the stylists braids it all the way down. In the process of braiding it all the way down hair is taken out and left to hang loose and flowing. This resembles a weave. This style makes the hair very full and adds a lot of volume and body to the customer’s hair.  This style can take more than eight hours when alone. It is good to get longer hair with this style because it gives room for the volume.  It is best to keep this hair style for two months for a child or teen and three months for an adult. When taking care of this style live a weave it is best to wrap at night. This allows the style to stay fresh and new through the night.  I would not wash my hair because it causes the style to look and grow old quickly.



Have you done this style before? Do you have any other way you have seen this style?



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