How to avoid sugar this Halloween



If you are like me I love to eat sweets. Many times I have avoided certain sweets for a long time and vow

never to return to them. I succeeded at first then life got stressful, college was hard work, the job made me

tired and I got little sleep. Things kept piling up and we know how it goes. Sugar became my one and only

drug once again. After a long hard look at all the weight that I lost I was not about to go back. Halloween

temptspeople to go candy crazy. We see that all the neighborhood kid come to your door for it. How can you

escape? Here are some tricks.


1)       Eat a healthy meal first- going trick or treating with friends, family, or children? It is important to go

after a good meal. When you go out onan empty stomach, you are at risk of eating you new supply of candy.

Instead of making yourself resist the temptation of eating 15 candy bars youincrease it. Eating a good meal

helps you say no


2)      Use seasonal fruits- one of the many healthy alternatives that we can use are the seasonal fruits. For this

season we have apples and pumpkin.These fruits can help with steering clear of the candy you want. One can

make pumpkin seeds, or go apple picking.


3)      Do not buy the candy you like- This is something that is pretty obvious although I did not realize it until

a friend told me about it. If you donot like a candy buy it and hand it out instead of buying the candy you like

and when there are left over from the trick or treaties you will be the one to finish the bag.



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