Why did you decide to big chop?

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Why did you decide to big chop?
I wanted to be able to wash, comb and style my own hair.
Do you feel less feminine and sexy with your hair shorter?
I felt sexy then and I feel sexy now.

When you are having a “bad” hair day, it may be less versatile than longer hair so what do you do to save the day?
A friend of mine told me to make “bad” hair look intentional by owning it and also by wearing makeup, heels, dresses etc. So that’s what I do. In most cases, no one has ever known that I was having a “bad” hair day unless I told them.
What is your hair regimen?
I am still learning what works for my hair. I currently wash once a week or when my hair needs detangling. I also henna once a month. My styling process goes like this, add olive oil to dry hair, wash hair with Wen Cleansing Conditioner, condition hair with Pantene Curly Hair Series Deep Moisturizer, detangle while conditioner is still in with Denman brush, dry with a specialized towel, put in Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner, stretch blow dry, a twist out, then a steam shower to make my hair swell. It is a lot, I know, that’s why I only do it as needed and when I’m not tired.
What is your detangling process?
I only detangle when my hair is wet and overly saturated with conditioner. I section the hair off and detangle from tips to roots, sometimes I finger detangle, but the Denman brush is a time saver.
Do you put anything in your hair for styling (leave-in conditioner, gel etc)?
After washing my hair I always apply Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. And to condition my dry hair I use Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray.
What is your nightly hair routine?
I don’t wrap my hair at night because it reminds me of the pressing days. So instead of wrapping, I sleep on a silk pillow case and look forward to seeing what my hair looks like in the morning. I usually wake up to some creative sculpture and will rock this ‘do for the day.

What is the next milestone you are excited about reaching with your hair (for example what hair style/ technique)?
I am aiming for the Erica Badu afro!
Who is your hair idol?
My mom and dad’s throwback pictures and also Solange because her hair is similar in length.
Any words of wisdom that you would like to share with the masses about natural hair?
Loving and embracing our hair starts with us and will impact them; the world the masses, the product makers . . .

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What to Avoid While Transitioning to Natural

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by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

As with any journey, transitioning presents its own unique challenges. While everyone’s experiences are different, it can be helpful to see how others have navigated through the process; all in the name of networking.

Disrespecting the game
As the journey of transitioning is underway, it is important to recognize the hair that is still relaxed while respecting the new texture. Carrying on as if the modulation process is not taking place could have a negative impact. The inability to commit to the new coils in your life and putting up resistance to allowing them the freedom to do what comes “natural” will prove to be futile. You must come up with an entirely new plan of action for this step in the journey. For example, blending the now two textures will be a breeze if you chose styles such as twist outs and bantu knots vs. a straight style.


Using the old to address the new
Transitioning not only applies to your hair journey but also the products you use. It is debatable whether or not it is an absolute necessity to use only natural hair products for natural hair, however, certain ingredients have proven to benefit textured hair that are not contained in many non-natural commercial products. As your new hair grows in it will require a new regimen that addresses its needs. You will find that as the transition approaches completion, it is possible that you will switch products yet again. Paying attention to your strands and how they respond to certain ingredients will be essential to a successful process.

Lack of due diligence
Jumping into any commitment without doing your due diligence puts you directly in the path of failure. Researching the logistics of natural hair care will save you a lot of heartache and assist in the overall management. There are countless websites, blogs (uh-emmm *clears throat), and You Tube channels dedicated to the topic.

Using the wrong tools
Relaxed hair and natural hair have different demands so it stands to reason that some of the tools used to manage those needs will be different.
(example: wide tooth comb)

No deep conditioning
If deep conditioning was not part of your relaxed hair regimen, it needs to be an integral part now. Since natural hair is inherently dry, extra care to infuse moisture is important and including deep conditioning in your new regimen is one way to achieve this.

Not taking advantage of the versatility
During my transition I didn’t appreciate the versatility that came with it and I forgot to have fun with it by trying new looks. When I wasn’t flat ironing the hell out of it, I was doing wash and goes and that’s it. A few times I flirted with the finger coil method but for the most part I only entertained wash and go’s…boring.

Looking back on your journey what do you feel you could have done differently that may help another chica going through the transitioning process now?
Sharing hairstories and life experiences from a curl’s perspective. Find Tammy at her blog, Curlychics, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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Henna – history

Henna is native to the Middle East but was spread to many other parts of the world by human interaction. It became an important plant in Muslim religion.


From its native distribution in Iran to western India, henna spread eastwards to the rest of India and Indonesia, and westwards to the Middle East where it became an important plant in Islam. It later followed Muslim armies and traders from Arabia reaching as far as Spain, Madagascar, the Moluccas, Indo China and Japan. It is now distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics.


With centuries of migration and cultural interaction it is difficult to work out where particular traditions began. But, historians claim that henna has been used for at least 5000 years both as a cosmetic and medicine. Some scientists believe that henna use originated in ancient India, while others suggest its use originated in the Middle East and North Africa, and was brought to India in the 12th century by Egyptian Moguls.


The ritual painting and decorating of the human body began in pre-history and henna as a tool for this art was particularly prevalent in the cultures of North Africa and the Middle East. From here it possibly spread to South Asia. Over the centuries it has developed to become an intricate art form rich in symbolism. Known in South Asia as mehndi, it is used to celebrate weddings, circumcisions and births.

In India, the use of henna in the 4th and 5th centuries is illustrated on Bodhisattvas and deities of cave wall murals. It was probably used in India seven centuries before the Mogul invasion, and hundreds of years before Muslim religion began in the middle of the 7th century AD.

The use of henna as a decoration in India took off with the advent of Muslim rule and became common after the 12th century. It further developed under the rule of the Mughals and by the 17th century, various designs had evolved. Besides being an art form, the use of mehndi was valued in the heat of summer as it has cooling properties. It is very popular as a natural colouring agent for the hair, keeping it shiny and glossy but also helping to disguise the greying of hair.

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Top 5 Holiday party hair style

Cute styles

Their is a style that is cute and hip. This style a has a little bit of everything. Their is cornrows  weave, and some of her natural hair. this is easy and fast to but together when you have a fast get together to go to.


I love single braids!!! This is a style that can be put together with and you can put it in a cute bun and wear it with a hair accessory.


Want to make a statement? Go all natural. This is a blow out natural hairstyle. This was used with a blow dryer.



This is a style for our relaxed sisters. Their is cornrows and a ponytail hair piece.



This is a strong hairstyle for relaxed hair. This is a style that can be worn to an elegant party.




Twist is a very easy style that can be worn at any time and is very much loved. This is a a twist flat twist. It is also styled.

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Wired Cornrows styles

One of the main reasones I picked this pickture was because it sis not look like it was finished.







He just lookes weird with his tong sticking out.





I do not want to know how all those beads are going to come out but I know it will be painful.



This is cool; the top of the braid is an add on. The stylest propably used another strand of the extentions and pined it to the her.



The cowrnrows do not stand out but I just thought this was weird.


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