Top Hair braiding extensions











The most asked about things in the hair Salon is what I should use to braid my hair. Customer want to know what will last for a long time.  What hair should I use for my hair?  Depending on the style certain hair last longer than other hair.

1)      For children’s hair it is best to use synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest and long lasting hair. This type of hair is very good with children because they like to play around and run. This hair allows them to do that

2)      For teens, pony hair it is best to use pony hair. This hair allows for the shine and the curl that teens want. This hair goes really well with the age group because teens like to keep up their image. Pony hair will last as long as it is taken care of.

3)      For Adults, Human Hair is the best choice because it last longer and does not need too much attention. With a busy life human hair can be reusable and though it can be expansive it is worth the money.

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