How to wash natural African American hair


Too many times have I been asked how I wash this hair of mine? How do I make it listen to me and do what I want it to do? Well, this can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. First thing is first you will need some free time. This is one thing that just needs your time. If this is your first time you will need lots of time. Second you need to pick out your shampoo and conditioner.

Items you will need:

Wide tooth comb


A plastic cap

Apple cider vinegar

Shea butter


Before shampooing (pre-poo)

1)      Separate your hair into four or more sections

2)      Detangle each section

3)      Take each section and apply sprits of water

4)      Then apply 1 part apple cider 3 parts water to hair

5)      Put on plastic cap for 2-3 hour

Washing your hair

1)      Rinse out the apple cider vinegar from your hair

2)      Let water run through your hair

3)      Apply the shampoo and wash

4)      After washing 2 times  rinse

5)      Dry your hair with a towel and apply Shea butter

6)       *optional ( place a cap on for 1 hour)

Now your hair is ready for hair conditioner, styling, or braiding.


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